3 Ironclad Sales and Networking Tips from Carlos Meza

Peruvian-born Carlos Meza dedicated his life to mastering the art of selling, and networking! We’ve met few people as versed in communicating and reading the subtle cues of social interactions. Currently, Carlos is building his own fine-food chain, Poke Haus, offering deconstructed sushi, while working as the Head of Business Development and Open Innovations for Creative Dock, the Prague-based Company Builder.

Carlos sat with us to break down his three most important sales and networking tips.

1. Never sell on the first date

A first date with potential clients or partners should never be used for selling. Use the time to to get to know your counterpart and see how you can benefit each other's life. Feel out how you can add value to the other person. Show genuine interest and really be interested. In academic terms, this is known as building rapport. You want the other person to feel good about the conversation and remember you afterwards in a positive way. Also, you might want to take the time to reflect whether you want to cooperate with the other person, or not.

2. Read… a lot

When talking to people from different fields and industries, you’ll need a broad range of conversational topics at your disposal. The best way to get this is to read a lot. Read widely and with discrimination and don’t be afraid to just skim through multiple books or articles just to get the core ideas. Of course, if you’re unsure about the facts in the middle of a conversation, there’s no shame in admitting that. This is not about perfection but rather constant practice.

3. Every action has a reaction

Never leave the site of a meeting without a clear agenda on what to do next. Let the other person do something for you and do something for the other person in exchange. Send them that missing piece of information or a calendar invite for the next meeting. Always keep the momentum going and let the other person show that he or she can make something happen for you. This will take you a long way.


Apart from following the above mentioned practices Carlos also uses several apps that help him with his work. One of the is Kontakto app which shows Carlos the complete network of people his colleagues are in touch with. His prospecting reach multiplies by hundreds and his colleagues are always there to provide him of warm leads he needs.

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