Kontakto – The ultimate one-stop-shop for all company contacts

How many times did you know there is this one skilled person out there, but you just couldn’t seem to remember her name or email? Especially in the fast-paced business world, important connections are often lost, or at least not utilized in the most efficient way.

Meet Pavel Zabrodsky, originally an intern at Zonky, who worked his way up the ranks at Creative Dock to be the CEO of his own project: Kontakto. Pavel and his team are committed to changing the way how networking works within companies these days.

In this interview, he will introduce his project in detail.

Pavel! Pitch us the project in simple terms?

Well, in the simplest possible terms, it’s an internal, automated LinkedIn – it’s the ultimate relationship and contact database for companies. Kontakto saves all business contacts in one aggregated database and colleagues can request and share contacts with each other.

How did you come up with the idea and what problem are you solving?

The idea originated at Creative Dock. We’re running multiple projects at the same time and meet lots of interesting people in the process. However, we never shared this know-how for future projects and, as a result, many connections got lost. After talking to many business owners and startups around Europe, we realized that we were not alone: people are always looking for the right people and a “warm-lead” is always appreciated.

Some companies already have their internal database, however, these solutions are mostly manual Excel sheets, which are often incomplete or outdated, or technically inferior. We provide an efficient tool that helps saving time and finds the right people.

So, how does Kontakto work?

Easy. You sign up for a demo, then we contact you and help you set up Kontakto to access your emails.  Some people fear that we will read their emails but the process is all automated and companies are always in control of their data. Our automated algorithm will simply scan your inbox and extract contact information from business signatures. Kontakto stores those in a central database in an anonymized way, meaning that no one can actually see the phone numbers or emails, except the contact owner. Team members then have the chance to ask the owner to make an introduction.

Also, the software auto-enriches the data with publicly-available information from the internet.

And what are the next big milestones for you and the team?

The next biggest step is the deployment of the app. We want to learn from everyday use cases to make Kontakto as relevant as possible. Also, we’re looking for integration and distribution partners, but also for companies selling software that want to add Kontakto to their portfolio.

And are you facing any difficulties?

Like with most projects, hiring committed software engineers is the most headaches. We’re looking for skilled and committed Python developers who are able to see the big picture behind the IT and help shape the project. We have a great talented team, led by our CTO, Lukas Kroc, who has worked for NASA, SpaceX, and several US startups.

Last question: what makes you believe in your product?

It’s a simple solution to a complex problem and the scalability is somehow limitless. Everyone uses emails and I love it because of the usability and simplicity.

If you want to take your companies contact management to the next level, request a free demo.