Maxim Vrana on the Importance of Good Contact Management

Maxim Vrana faced a difficult challenge: after working his way up from developer to a business development director at Unicorn – a renowned European information systems and technology company – Max went on a half-year career break. he explored new cultures and engaged in his favorite hobbies. When he came back to Prague, he took over the reigns as CEO at Creative Dock.

At the time of his takeover, Creative Dock just outgrew the start-up role. The company quadrupled the employee-count from 100 to 400 Employees worked in over four Prague office locations, some on multiple projects at the same time. As CEO, one of the main responsibilities is knowing your people, understanding what they are good at.

How did Max cope with this situation?

Apart from a keen interest in truly getting to know his people and a lot of effort, he used Kontakto to find the people he was looking for. In this interview, he tells us how.

Max! How does Kontakto help you in your daily life as CEO?

Whenever I’m looking for a person with a specific skill set, or when I want to find the contact owner for one of our customers or partners, I use Kontakto. For the latter, I can reach out to the person directly and ask for an introduction. I came to Creative Dock as an outsider and, due to the dynamics of this place, it’s even hard for long-term employers to know who is who. Kontakto helps me to keep an overview of our entire crew.

Was it difficult for you to adapt to your role?

Absolutely. It seemed like we were hiring a handful of people on a daily basis. This place can best be described as organized chaos. Kontakto helped me to learn a bit about the people here and find the ones I was looking for.

In which area do you see the biggest impact of Kontakto?

For me, this is in the area of sales. Right now we’re building a strong sales force and further grow our key accounts. With every new connection made, our contact lists grows and allows us to make a “warm” introduction. Also, in case the salesman leaves the company, the contacts stay in place. This caused some real problems in the past.

What are your plans for Creative Dock and how will Kontakto fit in?

I see Kontakto as a key system to fuel our further European-expansion. We just hired a CEO for Switzerland and are opening branches in other European countries. We need the application to get to know each other – it’s like a company-internal LinkedIn.

Any last words for our readers?

I want to say that I have full trust in the Kontakto-crew. While the app itself is still in the testing phase, collecting real-world user feedback, I vouch for the team’s effort and dedication. Pavel Zabrodsky, the CEO, started out as an intern at a Creative Dock start-up and worked himself into having his own startup. Lukas Kroc, the CTO, used to work with Space-X and has a track-record of success. I believe that the duo, backed by the other team members, will make big things happen with Kontakto.

Thank you, Max!

If you want to try Kontakto for yourself, head over to our website and hit the “request demo” button. The app will help you centralize all your business contacts and discover a completely new way of growing your network.