Enhanced Data Encryption

The contact database is encrypted and only accessible via a two-factor authentication

Two Factor Kontakto Miner Authentication

The access tokens to your inbox are stored in an encrypted environment, which is only accessible through a two factor authentication.

AWS Firewall

Our AWS firewall only grants access to pre-approved applications.

Network AWS Security

An advanced AWS Shield Solution protects our cloud infrastructure.

Source Security

All private sources and services are protected by a safe password and a private key.

HTTPS + OAuth2 authentication

The web app is protected by a certification protocol HTTPS and by a modern authentication framework OAuth2.

Technical solution

Our solution connects to your company email domain and pulls out all email signatures. 

We deploy an AWS cloud server dedicated to your company with an email miner. You control this server.

The information we get from you is enriched with information from the internet and fetched to an app which you and your colleagues can use.
Easy, simple, safe. 

Do you want to have all your business contacts in one place? Try Kontakto now and never worry about your network again.

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